Bosco Verticale and Kilometric Bindweeds

  • Publicación de la entrada:febrero 28, 2021
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Not long ago the images of the Bosco Verticale from Stefano Boeri at Milan went viral in every social media. A symbolic torch that surpasses the expectation of a living garden on a skyscraper. You are aware there is not any exemplar advance… the vertical garden, terraces in the air or green roofs are concepts we’ve been hearing for quite some time. The Boeri’s success was exploring to the limit, building it and achieving something unexpected… not by a viral effect, rather by the doors he opens.

Recently Dezeen shared an architectural film by the famous Liam Young. A fictional portrait of a ten billion people city made by tree-like towers melting with concrete and wooden structures. One of biggest challenges of a skyscraper is that bigger the height, farer the ground. The criticism around that dilemma is well known, why live up high when the true wealth is down below? You’ll address the point. Boeri alongside Young introduce an idea, loosing up the tied ground and move it towards verticality… even better Boeri’s achievement for being built. I couldn’t confirm if naming it vertical forest was aligned to this but denying this innovation would be a sacrilege.

Round up the thought. Naturally, our bodies ask for the ground, its odors, freshness and contrasts. The garden is the exceptional mystical place and having the theory and technology to unleash from the surface and move it up in the air, as you may imagine, opens unexpected doors. Opportunities towards form, but upmost character, of the spirit between the building and us. A brief finding waiting for more to discuss… although the game was just inaugurated.

El Errante