Cranny Lights

  • Publicación de la entrada:febrero 28, 2021
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Days before I found a lamp. Somewhere deliberately lost in a road stop in the middle of a northern mexican state. A building of that typology is a tricky one; usually those places suffer the abandonment caused by the lack of clientele, but this case was exceptional. A maintained place and closely located to one of the selected towns that obtain the forename “magic” and voilá, the tourists come along. As I told you, I saw a lamp there.  

I am an architect with a furtive attitude towards curiosity and wonder. Stomp over the stone, the same a sharp eye cautiously admires. And so, the lamp appears at sight, even with the sun at it’s peak; turn the lights on and I would have taken a sit beside the firefly. The color is a mystery to me, but I’d take a guess for a warm one, orange tinted with a slight yellow shade. That combination comes to mind when I visualize myself in such a place, between centenary trees and leafy bushes.  

Above all we see the lamps, led at night, showing a blurring light through a glass I wish you could see. You’ve seen it at your grandpa’s home, or those backyards turn to cellars with thick glass bottles, I mean, you recall the infamous and exceptional mexican “caguama”. Double the thickness and cover the interior with a thin layer of a precise cracked glass, almost intentionally. A work that deserves recognition. Maybe, someday I may return just to stare at the cranny light of one of those lamps, is there a better reason?

El Errante