The Swan Song of Architecture

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Between the wonderful perks of being an architect… I’d say building your own home is the greatest. The emotion, satisfaction or mere ecstasy of letting go prejudices and going along your intuition is unrivaled. The architectural equivalent of the autobiography. They may not have the flamboyancy of a public building, but the immeasurable care you execute in your home is unique. A new architect in the repertoire of recognizable names, Manuel Cervantes, recently shared photographs of his. Alongside the publicity it obviously represents, exposing the most personal and thoughtful is a pleasure by itself, even from the plain 2D image. Relevant as it is, the only Mexican Pritzker went to Luis Barragán widely recognized by his houses, especially the one he lived in.

The big words are the following. Music, precisely the last collection from Franz Schubert. I heard clips of it in the radio, specifically in a Mexican program known as “La Corneta”. Preceded by a brief introduction, the hosts shared the concept around the “swan song” (in Spanish “canto del cisne”), a metaphorical figure that represents the last opus, the symphonies closer to the author’s death. The swan, before passing away (true or not) intones its greatest melody… a greatness acquired by experience, sincerity or ecstasy? We are withstanding before a wonder… death, aging or maturity are the crib of honesty and transcendence. I mean this, the autobiography or the architect’s home are the closest to the peak… their swan songs if you will. What an achievement whenever it happens.

El Errante